Principal Photo HOD & Prof : G. N. Deshpande
Principal Photo Prof : P. S. Devar
Principal Photo Prof : R. G. Pujari
Principal Photo Prof : B. H. Bagali

The department started with the inception of the college in the year 1979. Under the guidance of principal N.G.Karur. The department was Molded in its formative years. Presently Prof.G.N.Deshpande is the Principal and HOD. The department has qualified, competent and well experienced teaching faculty, It is well equipped with a large numbers of books, computers & Leading Journals. The performance of the students in the university examination & Co-Curricular activities has been appreciable. The three year B.Com degree programme is open for initiatives to transform students into successful business entrepreneurs, professional consultants & above all enlightened citizens who will excel in today’s competitive world at present 223 students are enrolled in this department.

Faculty Profile

 Sl.No   Faculty Name  Designation  Date of Birth  Year of appointment  Work load hours  Expirience
 1   Prof.G.N.Deshpande  HOD & Principal (Permanent)   14/3/1957  25/8/1981  12  35
 2  Prof.P.S.Devar  Guest faculty   4/9/1976  1/1/2009  16  8
 3  Prof.R.G.Pujari   Guest faculty  1/6/1989  1/7/2012  16  4
 4  Prof.B.H.Bagali   Guest faculty  1/6/1993  1/7/2016  16  0