Principal Photo Prof : S. H. Pujari

As compared with the other science, Sociology is a new science, Consequently its scope and definition, differ in sociologists’ opinion. Sociology is defined as the science of society and also as the scientific study of social relationship or activities. Also sociology has been understood to be a study of social life, behavior and incidents. Sociology is a specific social science which describes, classifies analyses and delineates the form of social relationship, the process of socialization and social organization etc. The syllabus prescribed by the university addresses all these problems and the students are given an understanding of the scope of sociology. They are also made to understand the general principles involved in social relationship, Social change social control and important social problems. The department conducts class tests, tutorials periodically to monitor the students progress. Remedial coaching for the economically backward students in particular and all students in general is being planned from this academic year onwards. Feedback from the students too is given due consideration. The department has been making a sincere effort in teaching Sociology and also helping the learners, understand this subject. This subject is taught as one of the optional and the Department is Headed by presently Miss.S.H.Pujari is working as guest faculty from 2015.