For improving the teaching-learning process the contribution of IQAC to provide quality parameters for various academic and administrative activities to the academic excellence.

  • Implementation of schedule of teaching plan.
  • Monitoring the academic year.
  • Analyzing student’s attendance register, diaries of staff, library attendance register.
  • Reviewing the academic activities of each dept.
  • Reviewing of supportive assistance from different committees and cells like Examination committee, Library advisory committee, Admission committee, Students grievance redressed cell, Sports committee, Cultural association, the Department of students’ welfare, the Red cross wing, NSS, Scouts and Guides, ladies’ forum etc.
  •  SL.No  Name  Designation  Role
     1  Prof. G. N. Despande  Principal  Chairman
     2  Dr. A. E Gayakawad  Asst. Prof  Co- Ordinator
     3  Prof : A. S. Ganiger  Asso. Prof  Member
     4  Prof. P. S. Devar  AD - HOC  Member
     5  Prof. R. K. Badiger  AD - HOC  Member
     6  Prof. Jagadeesh Madikyal  AD - HOC  Member
     7  Bhuvaneshwari Dhope  Student  Representative